Tire Storage Racks 10

Sturdy 14 gauge Steel Uprights

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Rivet Rack Storage Systems consist of sturdy 14 gauge Steel Uprights, 60″ wide Rivet Rack Tire Beams, and 12″ deep Double Rivet MD Beams. Units can be secured to the wall with an 18″ Double Row Tie (rivets on the wall side must be trimmed off & holes drilled on site). Add-on racks are available, as well as double-entry/ free-standing units. Units are easily assembled on-site. Primary framing members lock together for easy assembly without bolts, rivets, or other fasteners. Simply measure spacing & connect beams with a rubber mallet. Concrete WALL anchors (fasteners) are not included. SHIPS L.T.L. on a Common Carrier prepaid and added.

5′ Width-x 8′ High x 12″ deep, 3 Tier, Rivet Wedge Lock Rack Unit. Holds approximately a total of 24-28 tires.

$267.88 + Freight and Steel Surcharge
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